Sonorus, Inc.


STUDI/O includes :

  • Two 8-channel, 24-bit Alesis ADAT optical interfaces
  • High-resolution, 18-bit, π" stereo analog monitor/headphone output
  • Full Windows audio drivers for PC and Cubase VST (PC & Mac) so it works with your existing software.

Each interface is configurable to ADAT or SPDIF (2 channel) optical, with real time stereo sample rate conversion.

Adviesverkoopprijs HFL 1995,- / 39.900bef incl. BTW.

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System Requirements


Windows 95


133MHz Pentium, 32MB RAM,
one free PCI slot.


200MHz Pentium/Pentium Pro, 64MB RAM
Ultrawide SCSI/AV Hard Drive, one free PCI
slot, 1024x768.



120MHz 604e processor, 64MB RAM
Cubase VST 3.5, one free PCI slot.


180MHz 604e processor, 64MB RAM,
Cubase VST 3.5, one free PCI slot, 1024x768 display.